Bitten by the Blogging Bug (Again)

A page from one of my older sketchbooks

Once again, I seem to have been bitten by the blogging bug. I’ve had several blogs: a gaming blog related to a video game in which I used to be very active, and a few iterations of an art blog. The gaming blog enjoyed a fair amount of interaction. The art blogs, not so much. And so over time I lost interest in them. Still, blogging appeals to me in the same way that sketchbooks appeal: blogging is a way to document my art journey with words and pictures, in a longer format than is practical elsewhere. I have finally realized that it doesn’t matter whether this blog gets comments or not. The point of doing it is for my own enjoyment. And so, here we are.

Blogging may seem a bit old-fashioned in these days of social media sites that are designed for a constant churn of content. And yet, to me, blogging seems somehow more permanent. Blogs can be enjoyed in a leisurely way, much like a good book. My plan is to create here an easily accessible library of all the content I share elsewhere, augmented by expanded opinions and information. Plus, there will be stuff here that only appears here. You can expect to learn more about my artwork (failures, successes, and lessons learned!), workshops, products, art adventures, painting and sketching processes, and videos as well as tips, reviews, tutorials, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Rest assured that I won’t be addressing political, religious, or other potentially controversial subjects. While I may mention a detail or two from my non-art life (my pets may sneak into the odd post here and there!), this blog’s focus is on art and my creative journey.

There are plenty of artists and sketchers providing content out there. I have no aspirations to compete with them or rise above the crowd. I wish simply to peacefully coexist and add my voice to the chorus. Hopefully you will find a tidbit here or a breadcrumb there to assist you in your own creative journey.

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