My art instruction is geared toward beginning and intermediate watercolor artists and is specifically designed to nurture skills and confidence. I am convinced that a proven process and informed effort are by far more important than “talent” (whatever that is) in producing sketches or paintings that meet your expectations.

Mastering watercolor is a long road…we are all at different stages of that journey. I’m not sure it ever really ends. When it comes to teaching, if I am able to help someone get a little further along that road with a sense of delightful discovery that the medium is not as difficult as they thought, I consider that my greatest success as an instructor.

Instructional Offerings

  • Private lessons at my studio or in the field are $35 per hour (two-hour minimum per session) or purchase a “book” of six two-hour session vouchers for a 15% discount. Use the vouchers to schedule sessions at your convenience. All materials and supplies are provided. Sessions are organized around your current skills and goals. If you choose to work with me over several sessions, we can work out a personalized curriculum and I will assign practice activities to help you build your skills between sessions and prepare you for the next session’s planned topics. I can also offer private lessons at your venue (minimum number of students per day applies).
  • Personal written critique and digital paint-over to illustrate/support my critique: $100 per critique (two paintings, max). My critiques are aimed at helping you to identify issues in your own work related to composition, lighting, use of color, and drawing. My goal is to provide you with gentle but clear guidance on how to address them and improve your working going forward. I can also offer crtiques with digital paint-overs at your venue (minimum number of students per day applies).
  • Workshops, demos, or talks at your venue. If you’d like to host me at your venue, please get in touch to discuss what you have in mind. These are the workshops I currently offer; they can be combined or customized to suit your needs.

Teaching Schedule

Check out my schedule for upcoming events.